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Gobelki Tepe and Karahan Tepe providing more clues to a    lost ancient global civilization

In May of 2020 I had written an article about the discovery at Gobekli Tepe of a hidden geometric plan in the architectural design of the site, specifically of an underlying triangle design. This discovery was a design I had suggested in my book. To reiterate what I wrote then in my new book was seemed prescient about such a finding. One may theorize of what should be expected but when it actually occurs, it still is a bit startling.

“I believe this triangle is a key aspect in Gobekli Tepe heavenly symbolism (author bolding) and for many such sites. The immediate previous section showed the importance of the serpent with a triangular head. This Summer Triangle of stars, which includes Deneb, is the head of a stellar serpent of light that spans the sky, with its body being the Milky Way.”” The Spirit of Light Cubit; The Measure of Humanity and Spirit by Donald B Carroll (Ch.6 pp.176-177)

It was in Chapter 6 of The Spirit of Light Cubit where I was discussing Gobekli Tepe’s link to the lost civilization I had posited triangle and the serpent symbolism.  The section in particular was noting the apparent significance of not only serpent symbolism at GT, but also the significance of the star Deneb.  I put forth that Deneb was also an important aspect of a greater stellar geometry; the Summer Triangle, consisting of Deneb, Vega, and Altair and would they would have been the circumpolar stars of navigation of that time. I further noted that this triangle made the head of a celestial serpent whose body was the Milky Way. (There is much more to this in the book but this will suffice)

That article was a portion of the larger research and evidence presented in the book; that of archeological peer level compelling evidence of an ancient lost global civilization.  The primary evidence was the same unit of measurement and similar measurement systems used by 5 different cultures over 4 different continents.  This shared measure and similar systems was presented by archeologist in their individual cultural field and met their criteria of powerful persuasive evidence of shared contacted with all these cultures and in some cases possible shared ancestry. 

Now Gobekli Tepe and its “sister” site Karahan Tepe are providing more clues and evidence of this lost global civilization.   In a very recent article the archeological team at Karahan Tepe described some of the recent research there and it included the diameter of an excavated building at the site.

“The head of excavations at Karahantepe, Prof. Necmi Karul, told Anadolu Agency that the digging was first launched in 2019 and two very productive seasons have been observed since then. Karul further noted that a building with a diameter of 23 meters was unearthed during the excavations and a large part of it was carved into the bedrock and it reached a depth of 5.5 meters from the surface, meaning it was built with the efforts of many engineers.” (Human depictions, 3D sculptures of Karahantepe site to shed light on history ( 09/28/2021

This is preliminary work at Karahan Tepe but the diameter of the excavated building caught my attention; a diameter of 23 meters.  If the unit a measure of 27 ½ inches (a light measure) is used rather than feet the result of the diameter of this ancient building (approximately 10,000 BCE) is 33 light measures in diameter!  (32.85)

As I had written in my book the number 33 is a significant symbolic number, considered a Pythagorean “master number” representing universal consciousness.  It also is the number of vertebrae in the human spine, representing the pathway way of the “kundalini”, the spiritual energy that is raised to reach enlightenment.  This same diameter (33 light measures) is found in the bluestone circle (the first circle) at Stonehenge and is represented in the width of the Great Pyramid; 330 light measures.  All the cumulative evidence continues to strengthen the reality of this lost global civilization.

Not only is the evidence noted here at Karahan Tepe showing the inevitability of this lost civilization, Gobekli Tepe continues to slowly but surely provide more compelling evidence, beyond the earlier shared triangle architectural plan. There is so much still to discover at these incredibly ancient sites but for the purposes here let me share an absolute amazing symbolic carving the provides exciting evidence of shared serpent symbolism with the Egyptian culture, Maya culture and Gobekli Tepe; the double headed serpent

                                  Gobekli Tepe Enc. A: Pillar 1: Double Headed Serpents.

The site archeologists describe this as a multiple serpent motif is a mesh-like pattern.  It is exactly that, but what they do not describe that this serpent motif on the pillar are double headed serpents with a head at each end of their bodies.  If you look closely, beyond the meshing, just follow the head of any of the serpent carvings and you will find a serpent head at the other end of its body.  It is very apparent that these represent a double headed serpent.  This is very significant and a symbolic representation shared by two other cultures. Please see the following style of representations.

Nehebukau:  The double headed serpent deity of ancient Egypt.

                           A double-headed serpent bar being help by a Maya king.

My book laid out strong compelling archeological evidence of an ancient lost global civilization through the sharing of 5 cultures over 4 continents of a same measure or similar measurement system along with the share spiritual symbolism. Now Gobekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe are beginning to share their ancient secrets and providing preliminary evidence of the use of a similar measurement system and common spiritual symbolism.  Three cultures all using double headed serpent symbolism goes beyond coincidence or happenstance. Though, seeming incredible, the evidence of this lost global civilization continues to become more and more convincing.      By Donald B. Carroll


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 Dear All, Here is a recent interview about my latest book and upcoming presentations at the A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, VA and online, October 7th -10th.  I am looking forward to being there in person and sharing these incredible discoveries and there importance both in the past and the present journey of humanity.  Our Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference: Beneath the Sands, Beyond the Stars | Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. 

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Our Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference: Beneath the Sands, Beyond the Stars

Featuring John Van Auken, Scott Creighton*, Hugh Newman*, Kirk Nelson, Donald B. Carroll and Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD* and more!

LIVE at A.R.E. HQ and Online! Take a trip through time and space and explore the archeological wonders of the ancient world! Discover the real truth behind lost legends and prophecies, forgotten cultures, and mystical obscurities.

We’re happy to welcome you back to your spiritual family at A.R.E. Headquarters. Join us in person or live online!

Come uncover the mysteries and wisdom of our earliest civilizations, explore the beauty and wonder of Egypt’s grandest monuments, see the latest discoveries from the field, and examine the influence of the ancient past on our current lives.

Why? Because your soul was there! Latent within you are all the memories and skills your soul possesses from those ancient times—lost knowledge waiting to be found. This conference stimulates your deeper mind to recall all you have known and to awaken it to this incarnation. Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to Meet Today’s Most Respected Researchers and Explorers!

Ancient Egypt’s Secrets and Splendor REVEALED! 
Explore the recently discovered unknown space within the Great Pyramid of Giza, nicknamed the “Big Void” by archeologists, which engineer and theorist Scott Creighton* believes is actually the “Hall of the Ancestors”—the protected final resting place of the Osiris Kings. And astrologer Kirk Nelson shares his surprising research into the mystical timeline found within the Great Pyramid—one that differs from popularly accepted theories and that ultimately reveals the ultimate destiny of humankind and the dawn of the New Age.

Myths, Legends, and Monoliths EXPLORED
“Ancient Aliens” star and theorist Hugh Newman* reveals new secrets and insights into fascinating Stonehenge and the people who built this massive structure. Cayce readings expert John Van Auken shares the secrets of our star traveler souls as well the latest reports on “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” from the military and other sources.

Your SOUL was there! Ancient mysticism expert John Van Auken shares the fascinating story of the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls, made more relevant today with the discovery of new fragments. John also shares the myths, legends, and lore of the British Isles with amazing images gathered during his many tours of these enchanted lands. Author and gemstone expert Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD* brings her unique system of symbolic energy healing based on ancient Egyptian symbolism and the Cayce readings. And, researcher Donald B. Carroll takes you on a journey through time as he explores a unit of measurement that unifies Science and Spirit in humanity's search for their ultimate destiny. He also shares the powerful archeological evidence for an ancient global civilization, one he calls the Lost Civilization of Light Workers.


October 7 - 10, 2021


Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Conference Registrar

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A Fulfillment of one of Hugh Lynn Cayce’s Dreams:

Archeological Evidence of the Ra Ta Period.

10,500 B.C.

Many may remember Hugh Lynn Cayce as the renaissance architect of the modern Association of Research and Enlightenment, who after his father’s, Edgar Cayce, death, and Hugh’s own return from Europe after WWII created the modern A.R.E. literally from the ground up.

 Not as many are as familiar with Hugh Lynn’s passion for archeological research to validate the Edgar Cayce readings of ancient civilizations and in particular the Cayce readings for an ancient Egypt civilization at 10,500 B.C.; the “Ra Ta” period or how important he felt it was.  This was a period that, according to the readings Edgar Cayce had an incarnation as Ra Ta, the high priest and Hugh Lynn had an incarnation as the Pharaoh of the time.  The readings also detailed this time as a period of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt along with a temple of sacrifice and a temple beautiful.  The Readings not only described a highly advanced Egyptian civilization thousands of years before mainstream Egyptologist deem it possible, but it also described their trade and collaboration with the civilization of Atlantis.  Atlantis, that lost civilization first written about by Plato.  The Cayce readings describe the Atlantean influences in this ancient Egypt as they fled the final destruction of their country with evacuees spreading around the world and other Atlanteans, along with Ra Ta and the Egyptians creating a center for spiritual advancement with emissaries from civilizations and groups across the globe.

Hugh Lynn’s passion to find such archeological evidence for the Readings spanned decades, from personally searching and digging in Israel and Iran, to donating to a dig at Nag Hammadi Egypt and then to working with the Stanford Research institute in investigating the area surround the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau drilling bore holes to search for underground chambers beneath the Sphinx.

Author A. Robert Smith describes Hugh Lynn’s incredible focus and purpose of this quest in detail in his biography of Hugh Lynn; “About My Father’s Business; The incredible Story of Edgar Cayce’s Son”.  Writing about Hugh Lynn’s archaeological search Smith states:

“The quest for evidence to support Cayce stories of ancient events had just begun.”[i]“…and (Hugh Lynn) would spend the rest of his life in hot pursuit of the evidence of Ra Ta.”[ii]   Hugh Lynn felt that such proof would have his father; “be recognized as the greatest mystic of modern times.”[iii]  (Author’s bolding)

One can clearly see the importance Hugh Lynn placed on archeological research for his father’s legacy.  Such validation would grant the recognition of Edgar Cayce “as the greatest mystic of modern times.” Unfortunately, with all Hugh Lynn’s Herculean work with his many archaeological searches continuing until his passing, no conclusive evidence was found. Thankfully, Hugh Lynn passion had lit the torch of the purpose and the importance of this archeological search and through the continuing years others have picked it up this torch and continued the search. Great credit should be given to this line of torch bearers who believed as Hugh Lynn did the great importance and significance of archeological research for the Edgar Cayce work and its legacy and kept that light of this search alive.  Of these many searchers and their great efforts, I would like to in particular thank Lora and Greg Little for dedicating their time talent and treasure searching the Bahamas, Bimini, the Yucatan and Piedra Negras for such evidence.  Their books on their efforts and research are well worth reading.

Now for the incredible fruition of Hugh Lynn’s dream; firm and compelling archeological evidence of an Edgar Cayce reading on ancient events and one that is directly linked to Ra Ta and that period in Ancient Egypt.  I know that this is an extremely consequential and bold statement, but the solid archeological evidence clearly exists and has been discovered.  

This starts with the Cayce Reading 281-25. This reading request specifically asks its questions about Ra Ta, the Temple Beautiful and ancient Egypt circa 10,500 B.C.  The reading answers include that Ra Ta was involved in its construction and primary purpose of this sacred site, the Temple Beautiful was to raise individual’s spiritual consciousness, to reach “God-Consciousness”, enlightenment.  Further that emissaries from “the nations of the earth” came to Egypt to go through this initiation to higher consciousness, to give themselves to this service to then help others in reaching such enlightenment.

 In the middle of this reading, almost as an aside in describing the construction of the Temple Beautiful the unit of measurement is given; it being 27.5 inches “was a cubit then.”  This small statement about a measurement for construction of a sacred site, a temple whose purpose was to initiate people from around the world into higher consciousness is also the measurement that built the foundation for the archaeological evidence of an ancient lost global civilization with one of it purposes being to assist other in raising consciousness just as described in the Cayce reading. The fulfillment of Hugh Lynn’s dream.

In the space available I will lay out the details.  About Eighteen years ago I began researching that 27.5-inch measurement noted in the Edgar Cayce reading.  Research that not so much had me digging through the sands of Egypt or hacking through the jungles of Mesoamerica or trekking through the deserts of the Southwestern United States, though there was a bit of that, as it was more of years digging through Egyptologists, Archeologists and ancient Metrologists written archives.  On the surface researching an ancient measurement is not your “Indiana Jones” exciting adventure and certainly does not get the same attention, press or funding.  Yet ancient measurements are extraordinarily important.   Allow me to share from the archeologist and anthropologists themselves just how important ancient civilizations and their measurements are.

“The study of ancient measures used in a country is a basis of discovering the movements of civilization between countries.”[iv]

“Among the various tests of the mental capacity of man one of the most important, ranking in modern life on an equality of with language is the appreciation of quantity, or notions of measurement and geometry. … Thus the possession of the same unit of measurement by different people implies either that it belonged to their common ancestors or else that a powerful commercial intercourse has existed between them.”[v]

“Cultures sharing similar measurement systems likely had some form of contact. Should such a measurement be located in architectural remains, and appear in halves or doubles, then the probability that this measure reflects a real historical unit of measure increases.”[vi]

“Measurement systems have provided the structure for addressing key concerns of cosmological belief systems, as well as the means for articulating relationships between human form, human action, and the world—and new understanding of relationships between events in the terrestrial world and beyond.”[vii]

“From the stones of Stonehenge to the alignments and calendars of Mesoamerica, measurement stands at the dawn of cosmology. The term “cosmology” is used here not just in the sense of explanation of the celestial, but in the sense of conception of the universe—the set of beliefs about the world, material and immaterial, and the rules through which interaction can occur."[viii]

As can clearly be seen from these experts, measurements are vital to ancient civilizations and to our understanding them today.  Measurements spoke to these ancients’ mental capacities and their sciences such as engineering and architecture.  Further different civilizations using the same measurement demonstrates solid communication and possibly common ancestors. While similar measurement systems provide strong evidence of communication between them. The use of measurements by ancient cultures also spoke to their spiritual philosophies. Their relationship between the material and immaterial, their relationship between Heaven and Earth and uniting them. Measurements were central to their sciences and spirituality at a fundamental level.

Now, with this important background let me share how well the Cayce reading brings this all together starting with the Egyptian measurement of 27.5 inches (70cm) and its connection with a sacred site linked to multiple cultures for raising spiritual consciousness fits these archeological standards.

-Egyptian unit: Nebiu (NB) – 27.5 inches (70 cm) … linked to aakhu meh unit and Great Pyramid; note the aakhu meh (transliterated as Spirit/Light cubit) is recorded in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  A specimen resides at the MMNY.

-Paquime (Mogollon: Ancestral Puebloans: Casa Grandes site) culture (Mexico-Arizona-New Mexico) – 27.5 inches (70 cm)

-Mayan Cubit: Zapal – 55 inches (142 cm) … Kukulkan Pyramid = 2 spirit of light cubits

-Stonehenge: megalithic rod: (100 megalithic inches, 2.5 MY = 81.7 inches {207.3 cm}) = 3 spirit of light cubits 82.5 inches (210 cm)

-Indus Valley: the Harappans used an “Indus foot” of 34.55 cm and a “double foot” of 69.11 cm. These results are equivalent to the length of the spirit light cubit and its half.

The evidence shows 3 of these civilizations used the same exact measurement, while the other 2 civilizations use multiple of the measurement. This is stunning archeological quality evidence of a lost civilization that had communications and trade and possibly common ancestors that spanned at least 5 civilizations and 4 continents!  Further this shared measuring is found at their sacred sites, all these sites are considered “axis mundi” places where Heaven and Earth. Ancient sites used to raise spiritual consciousness.

By George Grie - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

There is so much more evidence and detail that strengthen and validate these conclusions in even more multiple significant and meaningful ways that make the entire results so flawlessly elegant. It takes your breath away.  For now, let what has presented here suffice.

What is presented here, alone, confirms the Cayce reading; the Egyptian unit of measurement, the same measurement or measurement system, found in use around the ancient world’s constructed sacred sites, for the same spiritual purpose as cited in the Cayce reading and all archeologically evidencing global communication from at lost civilization.

Pause and pondered the ramifications of this archeological evidence.  First, just standing alone the archeological evidence meets their standards to posit a lost civilization having a global reach with a measurement system used at their sacred sites without the reading. Second this evidence seamlessly fits into all the Cayce reading describing such a civilization along with its global reach and purpose.

Hugh Lynn’s dream and “quest for evidence to support Cayce stories of ancient events” has just been fulfilled!  Which means, by Hugh Lynn’s belief, “that such proof would have his father; “be recognized as the greatest mystic of modern times.” Please as any follower of the Cayce reading take the time to savor that statement.  Then share this news.

I believe this is just the beginning of many more such discoveries validating the Cayce reading; I assure you I have already found others. 

[ii] A. Robert Smith, About My Father’s Business; The incredible Story of Edgar Cayce’s Son, A.R.E. Press, 2011 p.259

[iii] A. Robert Smith, About My Father’s Business; The incredible Story of Edgar Cayce’s Son, A.R.E. Press, 2011 p.260

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[viii] Measure: Towards the construction of our world. The Archeology of Measurement: Comprehending Heaven,

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Colin Renfrew. p.3.

 For those interested this entire journey and much greater detail of this wonderful discovery can be found in my book; The Spirit of Light Cubit: The measure of Humanity and Spirit.



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Live Webinar: "The Spirit of Light" and the Cayce Cubit featuring Donald B. Carroll

The Measure of Humanity and Spirit. An Edgar Cayce Webinar Presentation
Join us LIVE for a powerful and compelling exploration into the archeological evidence of a global ancient “Lost Civilization” of light workers, drawn from current archeological evidence and the Edgar Cayce readings.
Join us April 7, 8:00-9:15 p.m. ET for this LIVE webinar as Don Carroll discusses "The Spirit of Light" and the Cayce Cubit: The Measure of Humanity and Spirit.

I am excited to announce the registration for the A.R.E. Webinar featuring my new book is now open. This is going to be an amazing discussion of firm and compelling archeological evidence of an ancient lost global civilization, an ancient lost civilization also described in the Cayce readings. Please join me both for this significant and important discovery.  All proceeds of the webinar will be going to support the mission of the A.R.E.  Check out the summary.

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You Are Psychic: A Birthright.

Here is a talk I have been doing for some time. I found a version posted on YouTube. For those interested, I share it here with this written introduction for the skeptical.

I wrote about some of this phenomenon and its validity in an earlier article below on this blog; Edgar Cayce’s Readings and New Validating Evidence of their Content. 6 NEW Examples. 

 Just to add to that for those who may be interested or curious in this video Teilhard De Chardin a Jesuit Priest, Paleontologist and geologist, besides being a paleontologist involved with physical evolution (i.e. Peking Man) saw psychic phenomenon as part of human conscious evolution from the "Noosphere" towards the "Omega Point".   If that is not enough I suggest reading Mind Before Matter: Vision of a New Science of Consciousness for a balanced examination of such phenomenon. 

Besides numerous studies and our cultural subconscious acceptance (i.e. NCIS) I think this all shows that psychic/intuitive experiences are recognized and accepted by society but the majority is still very uncomfortable with its existence, perhaps because of the implications and responsibilities such realty brings with it. So, rather than facing that responsibility without fully denying it we respond in such a split fashion. Aldous Huxley addressed this challenge:

“In the Western world visionaries and mystics are a good deal less common then they used to be. …In the currently fashionable picture of the universe there is no place for valid transcendental experience. Consequently those who have had what they regard as valid transcendental experiences are look upon with suspicion, as being either lunatics or swindlers. To be a mystic or a visionary is no longer creditable. “The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley p.73

In any case many may find this of interest.