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By US Nessie - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Faith, a small but incredibly powerful word, just five letters, yet the concept that it attempts to contain in those five letters represents an infinite power, a power that can fuel our spirit and give strength to our minds and bodies far beyond any physical substance could.  We are probably all familiar with this word both hearing it and using it; I have faith in you, keep the faith baby, I took it on faith, a leap of faith, having the faith of a mustard seed.  Yet, how well does anyone grasp it or experience it. As General Semantics philosophy would phrase it; the name is not the thing in itself. Faith goes far beyond its name.  Like another small word; atom, describing such a small particle that it can only be seen with some of the world’s most powerful microscopes, yet, split this minute particle and immense power flows out.  The power in the atom pales compares what is contained in faith.

There are dictionary definitions of faith; a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Perhaps the Bible gives one of the better definitions of faith; Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11.1)  The Biblical definition and General Semantics coming closer to the mark realizing that the being, the concept of faith transcends physical proof and embrace the greater reality of mind and spirit. The Cayce readings state this quite well.

26. What, then, is this faith that is indicated? This one KNOWS, when one becomes aware of same; yet may never put it into words nor tell another by words - or acts even - as to what that consciousness of faith is. Yet we may see the shadow of same in what faith has prompted in the experiences of others -  Text of Reading 2174-2

If one wants to understand how well they understand their own grasp of faith, I would suggest bringing some friends together and discuss each understanding of one’s individual concept of faith.  You will probably find a variety of perspectives on faith’s meaning.  Such a discussion, though just words, helps us seen into ourselves how well our knowing of faith is.  In the ability in expression to others of our concept we see how well we grasp it ourselves.  Here is one of the first steps to measure how much faith is applied, practiced in our personal lives.  For faith is an experience, it is living and growing, it is active, not passive, it is participating with each other and the universe acting on its power and concept.

For hope and faith are living - LIVING - things! Text of Reading 1504-1

In the beginning I noted several phrases that we have probably heard and used, one I had not included was the phase; “An ACT of Faith.”  That is an integral part in knowing and growing of faith within us.  The application, the participation with faith, through our daily experiences helps bring it beyond a word to a knowing.  A variety of the world’s sacred texts share examples of such active faith. The Bible has a wonderful example of acting and living individual faith.

Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant [Luke 7 International Standard Version (ISV)]

7 After Jesus[a] had finished saying all these things[b] to the people who were there listening, he went to Capernaum. 2 There a centurion’s servant, whom he valued highly, was sick and about to die. 3 When the centurion[c] heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish elders to him to ask him to come and save his servant’s life. 4 So they went to Jesus and begged him repeatedly, “He deserves to have this done for him, 5 because he loves our people and built our synagogue for us.”

6 So Jesus went with them. He was not far from the house when the centurion sent friends to tell Jesus,[d] “Sir,[e] stop troubling yourself, because I’m not worthy to have you come under my roof. 7 That’s why I didn’t presume to come to you. But just say the word, and let my servant be healed, 8 because I, too, am a man under authority and have soldiers under me. I say to one ‘Go’ and he goes, to another ‘Come’ and he comes, and to my servant ‘Do this’ and he does it.”

9 When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him. Turning to the crowd that was following him, he said, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found this kind of faith!” 10 Then the men who had been sent returned to the house and found the servant in perfect health.

This Roman centurion did not just sit back and wait for the Master or the universe to stroll by and aid him; He Acted!  Even though he felt he was not worthy he participated and took action and in his actions he lived his great faith.

This example is an important one. The centurion On occasion I have seen people, well intended, stop and say I have faith and I am just going to sit here and wait for God to show me or give me a sign for what to do next.  I have been guilty of this misunderstanding of faith, in the past, myself. To stop working and acting on faith, sitting back and waiting to be guided. This is not going into the experience, the application of a living, active, act of faith.  This is not participating with spirit, as the Cayce would term it; to become Co-creators with God.  To put it another way, if guidance is needed; get up and go ask someone for directions or go seeking a map.

For, as has oft been said, faith without works is dead   254-73

by faith and works, are ye made every whit whole.  3395-2

Again as it hath been given, "Show me thy faith by thy works," in thy relationships, in thy conversation, in thy activity with thy fellow man.  264-50

Faith is not something that is passive; it is active living participation in our daily experiences and beliefs, which is how faith grows to move mountains.  It is even at the core of the act of communion.  The etymology of the word communion is mutual participation.

Such lack of participation could be considered by another phrase we are probably familiar with; Blind Faith.   The readings making it very clear the error in blind faith:

If they are met in Him that is the Maker, the Creator of all that exists in manifestation, as He has promised, then not in BLIND faith is it met - but by the deeds and the thoughts and the acts of the body, that through Him the conditions may be met day by day. Thus has He bought every soul that would trust in Him.  442-3.

Ideally with these words and with remembering of the knowing of faith we already have in our being we can incorporate them in to our daily living and being, acting in faith and growing in faith.  In the participation our faith will develop, will expand exponentially , like the splitting of an atom we can split open the word of faith into an ever expanding transcendental experience of light for ourselves and others leading us to our ultimate destination of the Empyrean light.

As we apply what we know, there is given a great understanding of how our faith may increase and become a living thing in our experience.  (SFG I, faith chapter)

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Dinosaur to Excelsior”

 Our past is extinct.

It provides us fuel for now and the future.

We can use it to burn ourselves to the ground

Or become unbound.

                                                                                                                                Don carroll

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Sacred Geometry at the time of Jesus:

Recent discoveries in Israel

I have written and presented often on the spiritual symbolism found in sacred geometry, a symbolism that is shared by spiritual philosophies through the ages and around the world.  (Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation) Recent exciting discoveries of 1st century C.E. synagogue in the ancient city of Magdala, Israel have truly brought this concept full circle. The “find” at this site is remarkable and significant in further uniting this perennial philosophy.  Before I share it let me reaffirm some basic tenets in reference to sacred geometry to format the context.

Sacred geometry involves universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, and cosmology.  This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition.  They may be considered Universal Archetypes.  In the Hermetic tradition of; “As above so below”, reflecting each other in the Macrocosm and the microcosm. It reflects the fabric of the universe and the very fabric of ourselves.

Though the Edgar Cayce readings did not use the term “sacred geometry”; they describe the similar purpose of such symbolic patterns.

…for to begin from the first we have in that as has been given in the material plane, we have the counterpart, pattern or model through which all may be understood in the etheric or in the celestial, terrestrial plane –    TEXT OF READING 900-348 M 32

For the purpose of this article the related sacred geometry involved are the flower of life, the seed of life, the Vesica Pisces with the triangles created within it, and the six pointed star. (See below) Each of these symbols, in their fashion, represent an Axis Mundi; a representation joining together Heaven and Earth.  In the case of the Vesica Pisces (two overlapping circles) it is also seen as a womb of creation where spirit and matter come together.  Some may recognize this as the ICTHYS; the symbol for Jesus the Christ.  This is very apt as Jesus represented both the son of man and son of God, thus bringing Heaven and Earth together.  As these overlapping circles continue on and on they create more and more Vesica Pisces which are interlinked in the form of the 6-petaled lotus (seed of life). Then these “seeds “continue repeatedly into the flower of life, which then goes on ad infinitum uniting the finite within the infinite, weaving the united harmony of Heaven and Earth. Also illustrated are the two triangles, back to back or diamond shape that is created within each Vesica Pisces petal.  Then it can be seen by creating the triangles-diamond shape in the six-petal lotus, the six-pointed star or hexagram, also known as the Hebrew Star of David or Seal of Solomon is created.  In the Western tradition this is recognized as an important symbol of Judaism.  In the Eastern tradition of Hinduism this six-pointed star is known as the Shatkona and represents the Supreme Being joining with Mother Earth. The Cayce readings describe the meaning of the six-pointed star in a similar manner.

8. And just above this central figure indicate the nude form of the figure unfolding, but the symbol that is called the pyramid (and the inverted pyramid) over same. This would indicate spirit entering matter. TEXT OF READING 2390-6

Flower of Life

Seed of Life

Vesica Pisces (ICTHYS)
with triangles within it

six petal lotus/seed of life/vesica pisces

Six-pointed Star created within the seed of life

Now allow me to present the amazing find in Israel; the Magdala Stone and share its amazing significance. 

Depicted above is what is being called the Magdala table discovered during archeological excavations of a first century synagogue I referenced before in Israel. This table was found in the part of the temple that they considered would have been the “holy of holies”. Further excavations of the site unearthed a coin dated to 29 A.D. evidence of the time period of the synagogue.  A time period when Mary of Magdala or Jesus the Christ could have prayed in this very place of worship! 

The symbols carved on this table and their interpretation I found breath taking. 

The following are some excerpts of the archeologist’s interpretation of this limestone table itself and what it was designed to represent.

Ms. Talgam concluded that she was looking at a three-dimensional depiction of the Temple of Herod, including its most sacred inner sanctum, known as the Holy of Holies.[v]

This table represents Herod’s temple, which is the Hebrew Second Temple, the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, still standing in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and Mary of Magdala.  The archeologist’s interpretation of this table makes the symbols on it that much more important.  The seed of life that dominates the top of the table is described this way:

Another fascinating symbol dominates the center of the top of the Magdala Stone: a six-petaled rosette. It is flanked by columns with palmette capitals, echoing ancient Jewish historian Josephus’s description of the area directly before the Holy of Holies. The rosette itself symbolizes the actual veil before the Holy of Holies. Josephus describes this veil as being decorated with flowers—perhaps with this very rosette.

Curiously, the rosette is a common Jewish motif found on ossuaries, sarcophagi and monumental tomb façades from the late Second Temple period to (70 BCE) the second century C.E. Considering this connection, one wonders if it signifies a passing through the “veil” of this life into the presence of God, just as passing through the veil into the Holy of Holies is an entry into God’s glory localized in the Temple. [vi]

What is being described here is a curtain of “Flowers of Life” in the temple that one would be passing through to enter into the “Holy of Holies” of bringing Heaven and Earth together in the present; exactly what these symbols represent around the world!

Then there are the symbols on the side of the Magdala table described as wheels (author note; yet looking like “seeds of life”) and triangles.

This brings us to the final symbol representing the deepest part of the Temple on the Magdala Stone: the Holy of Holies. Two wheels appear suspended in the air with triangular shapes underneath, representing fire (see image below). Early Jewish writings use this imagery to represent the heavenly realm. The wheels are interpreted as the bottom of the chariot, symbolizing God’s throne. The fiery chariot described in Ezekiel 1 and 10 gives credence to the symbol representing God’s presence dwelling both in the Temple and in the heavens.[vii]

This interpretation is reiterated by others:

On the side of the stone that Ms. Talgam believes represents the inner sanctum, the carvings suggest the lower portion of a chariot, with flashes of fire beneath its wheels — possibly illustrating the seat of God residing in the earthly Temple. The upper half, or God himself, she said, would have been in heaven.[viii]

Yes, the fiery chariot described by Ezekiel, in Hebrew this is called a Merkaba, translating as throne-chariot and as, noted here “a symbol representing God’s presence both in the temple and in the Heavens.”  This clearly echoes the concept and purpose of spiritual philosophies throughout the ages to bring Heaven and Earth together in ourselves, to raise our consciousness, to spiritualize ourselves while in materiality.  The Judaic Mystics understood this:

The Chariot (Merkabah) was thus a kind of 'mystic way' leading up to the final goal of the soul. Or, more precisely, it was the mystic 'instrument,' the vehicle by which one was carried direct into the 'halls' of the unseen. It was the aim of the mystic to be a 'Merkabah-rider,' so that he might be enabled, while still in the trammels of the flesh, to mount up to his spiritual Eldorado.[ix]

As Jesus pointed out, we ourselves are the earthly Temple and in knowing such, we can raise ourselves up to Heaven/God consciousness while still on Earth.

I hope you can see this Magdala table discovery and be both in awe and rejoicing at the same time as I am.  In awe that this incredible significant symbolic table was present at the time of Jesus, that Jesus may have actually been present and read the Torah on it. That Jesus, his disciples, and others would have understood the deep symbolism of this table as has been described here of uniting Heaven and Earth within oneself as the purpose and goal of humanity.  Then the rejoicing that this message is clearly perennial and can be found through the ages and the spiritual philosophies of all humanity, that we all share this spiritual goal and unity.    

[i] By Ori~ - Own work, Attribution,
[ii] By Hanay - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
[iii] By Hanay - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
[iv] By Hanay - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
[ix] Jewish Mysticism by J. Abelson, London: G. Bell and Sons 1913 p.34,35

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The Pendulum swings for the “Cayce Cubit”

In an earlier article (VI Oct – Dec ’11) I wrote about an ancient Egyptian cubit spoken of By Edgar Cayce in reading 281-25.  An Egyptian cubit known of, but generally considered inconsequential by today’s mainstream Egyptologist, though written about more significantly by Dr. Livio Stecchinni , a professor of ancient measurements.  I demonstrated the extraordinary and compelling evidence of the use of this cubit at three different sacred sites, on three different continents.  This substantiation, at the very least, alludes that such a shared unit of measurement would have to come from an advanced culture that could travel worldwide.  Obviously this is verified in numerous Cayce readings.  Unfortunately such a source is considered unacceptable by mainstream archeology.

If the scientific community can reach beyond the hubris that we must be the most advanced society the earth has seen and therefore the further one goes back in history the more primitive the culture must be.  Perhaps that last observation is too strong, but there does appear to be a bias towards the idea of an advanced ancient civilization that could travel between continents and share its wisdom and technology, thousands, if not tens of thousand years ago.   Add on top of that that the initial evidence came from psychic information as provided by Edgar Cayce and many simply stop listening at all.  That is truly a shame. I understand merely stating it as fact is not enough, evidence needs to be provided but that should not preclude researchers from using psychic information as a springboard for further investigation to the possibilities. Remember the “mythical” city of Troy from Homer’s Iliad was actually found. Further until recently it was thought the construction of megalithic structures was impossible before “civilizations from 3000 B.C.  That now has been overturned by the ongoing finds and excavations at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, where multiple megalithic stone circles, similar to Stonehenge have been discovered and confidently dated to at least 9600 B.C. with evidence of more buried stone circles possibly 3000 years older!

My recent research is now showing evidence that the “Cayce Cubit” could well be an even greater verification of a worldwide advanced culture, with an ancient international system of measurements, in what would be considered prehistoric times.  Obviously the evidence is already there as earlier presented with this same cubit being used at these three sites, but is there any other precedent for such an international unit of measure?   The answer is yes, in what could be considered a subsequent system proof; it is in our modern day metric system (I.S.). 

To really appreciate history repeating itself here, a brief record of the creation of the meter is needed.  It started in the late 1600’s with several scientist of the time who began calling for the need of international units of measure.  Their initial suggestion for this unit of measurement was to use the length of a pendulum that half of it’s to and fro swing equaled one second.  The actual full period swing is 2 seconds and these pendulums are known as “2 second pendulums”.  From the 1600’s to 1930 pendulum time pieces were considered the most accurate time pieces in the world. This became known as a “second’s pendulum.”  The length suggested was 39 ¼ inches (997mm), this was the length of the pendulum that when swung at less than a 20 degree arc became a seconds pendulum. It would take over another one hundred years before the suggestion for an international standard would really begin to move forward.


While the French revolution was going on struggling for its age of enlightenment the push for an international unit of measure began again.  This time the discussion was to use the pendulum length as a unit of measure or a fraction of the length of the distance along a meridian from the Equator through Paris to the North Pole.  Though the pendulum was considered a good choice in its portability and ease to re-create all over the world, think of the metronome used in keeping time for music or a grandfather clock, it uses the same principle.  It was argued that due to gravitational discrepancies in different places in the Earth that the pendulum would not be accurate enough.  It was finally decided to use one ten millionth of the distance from Equator to Pole, this would be the meter.  A 7 year plus expedition than was commissioned to get this equator to pole measurement.   The meter’s fascinating history continues down a long convoluted journey and is now evolved to be the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299792459 of a second.

I posit that the “Cayce Cubit” of 27 ½ inches was used in a similar manner as today’s meter for an international unit of measurement in what is considered prehistoric time.  Besides the structures themselves that provided standing evidence of its use in Egypt, Great Britain and Mexico, there is further evidence provided in the history of these ancient cultures and the history of the modern meter.

As noted above the way to determine the length of the meter boiled down to two final choices. The choices being a tiny fraction measurement of the earth’s surface, which took another 7 years of expeditions to get a very close measurement of, or the length of a “Seconds Pendulum”.   Each recommendation had its own drawbacks, but I think about which one would be the easiest to share and re-create among other varying cultures and could be passed on even if a civilization fails.  I believe the answer is clear, it would be the pendulum.  The next question is what about their suggested length of 39 and ¼ inches for the “seconds’ pendulum”, that still doesn’t fit!  That is correct, for a pendulum that is swung at less than 20 degrees. 

So I researched what length should a pendulum be if swung at a different degree angle and still create a seconds pendulum.  Incredibly what I discovered was that starting the swing of a pendulum at 90 degrees (at the horizontal) you will get this all-important 2 second pendulum if the length is 27.5 inches! Incredible!

Using mathematic software programs to test this theory gave a correct pendulum length of 27 ½ inches, if the pendulum swing was started at a 90 degree angle.  This provides a simple an elegant solution of placing the apparatus in the ground, then bringing the pendulum up to the horizontal (90 degrees) and letting it swing.  Just as in the suggestion of creating the international unit of the meter this also creates such a measuring unit. (The Cayce Cubit)

Fascinatingly there is more evidence for this unit provided by the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  Several researchers have noted that the Great Pyramid appears to be a geodesic model of the Earth (see Wm R Fix: Pyramid Odyssey).    Different Dimensions of the Great pyramid, such as its height and perimeter are a very accurate 1/43200 model of the dimensions of the Earth.  The interesting point here is that the “seconds pendulum “, a pendulum with a 2 second period, is a 1/43200 portion of a mean solar day.  A mean solar day equals 86,400 seconds. Please remember the ancient Egyptians are credited with giving us a 24 hour day.  Using the Cayce cubit then, not only gives significant results in its units of measurement for the Great Pyramid, but as a model of the Earth and keeper of time.

This is even more appropriate when examines the survey equipment that may have been used not only to build such structures, but also to measure and transit the stars above.  In the case of the Egyptians this was called a “merkhet” which is translated, appropriately as an instrument of knowing or an “instrument of time keeping”.  It was known to be used for time keeping by measuring stars, find North, and for building construction.  This was very similar to a surveyor’s tripod and plumb bob and as such it could have also functioned as a pendulum.

Surveyor tripod and plumb bob

By North American boundary commission, 1872-1876. [from old catalog];United States. Dept. of State -No restrictions, public domain

The Egyptians and the Maya both had “stretching of the cord” ceremonies, used for measurement in the construction of their structures and in some case in measuring of the heavens.  Both civilizations also are known for their advanced understanding and measuring of time.  The builders of Stonehenge are more of an enigma, but traveling to the British Isles would by an advanced culture and sharing such knowledge would have been even simpler. 

So there it is, by being willing to use the information provided from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce which included an Egyptian cubit length ignored by Egyptologists, an advanced ancient civilization that could travel the world, and that world representatives even met as a council in Egypt, one can find valid confirming evidence for international sharing of information.   In using the information provided by Edgar Cayce’s psychic ability, along with archeological and scientific evidence, the theory for a  type of international unit of measurement that would be simple to travel with and recreate all over the world with a pendulum or just the instructions to build a pendulum can be submitted .  By using the knowledge provided, exactly what our own scientist suggested doing for an international unit of measurement, using a pendulum, works the same way for the Cayce cubit.  The evidence of those sites I wrote about all appearing to use the Cayce cubit help validate the theory.   It is so elegant, plausible and simple!  As Troy, once considered a fictional city, became an archeological reality, so moves the psychic archeology of Edgar Cayce.

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The “zombie apocalypse” and the Cayce cure

Perhaps most have notice over the past 10 years a soaring popularity in all things zombie.  A search on the internet shows that there have been over forty movies made involving zombie types; World War Z, Dawn of the dead, Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse, Abraham Lincoln vs zombies, Shaun of the dead, Zombieland, and lest us not forget; Pride, Prejudice and zombies, just to mention a few. In video games there have been made over sixty games involving battling zombies.  Then we can find on television; the walking dead, Fear the walking dead, Z-Nation and IZombie. I’ll finish this list with the popular sporting events around the nation of “zombie runs”.

- Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

There have been many widespread fads through the years, but the fascination with zombies, dare I say, doesn’t seem to be dying.  I began to ponder why this is and feel there may be an answer.  Zombies seem to be manifesting as a subconscious or unconscious archetype of our times.  In general zombies are seen as the “undead”, animated in the world but not truly alive, not conscious or truly awake.  They survive by eating the brains (minds) of the humans that are alive/awake and conscious or infecting them to become zombies themselves. 

Are these thoughts and concerns or warnings that are coming from our higher selves about the time we live in?  Are we at some level feeling that we are not quite alive or truly awake?  As we live our lives in on earth, physical in a material environment we can forget about our true selves, spiritual consciousness that exists beyond materiality, that our bodies are only temporary vehicles for and enduring consciousness.  We can feel bombarded by physical need and desires.  We can be overwhelmed by all the physical external sensory assaults of media and others that numb or deaden our true selves, our true consciousness, being put in a coma-like state. The archetype of zombies; undead, animated but not alive, unaware, eating our own minds or those of others, shuffling along with no true purpose fit much of what we are facing today as we endeavor in raising our higher consciousness.  Is our higher consciousness trying to caution us?

Perhaps, on the bright side, this zombie archetype in so prevalent in today’s society because more and more people are awakening, we may feel like we are dying but are becoming truly alive and as they do so they see the un-awakened, the animated undead around them.  That this a time of greater spiritual awakening and resurrection for humankind. That as the awakening/enlightening continues others can be awakened. We also need to remember to stay in this higher consciousness not to be infected by external sensory assaults and revert back to our somnambulistic state.  

One could wonder why some would even have to cope with such a terrible and frightening archetype.  The Cayce readings suggest that for some it is needed to experience it to awaken. 

19. (Q) In 1926, May 8th, I met a terrible tragedy. I've been unable to understand why I met that experience. [See 827-1, Par. B2, 5/8/26 letter.]

(A) That there might be the regeneration of thy body to the glory of that illumination necessary for the full awakening within.  TEXT OF READING 827-1

In another reading for an individual wanting to understand why he dreamt he died. Remember he only dreamed he died.

(A) This is the manifestation of the birth of thought and mental development awakening in the individual, as mental forces and physical forces develop. This, then, is the awakening of the subconscious, as is manifested in death in physical forces, being the birth in the mental.

Then gain this, that the individual must awaken: "Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you." For thoughts are deeds and may become miracles or crimes, as the will of the individual finds physical manifestation of same in the material world, for to many minds, those conditions that in one is sin, in another is a glorification of the gifts as are manifest 

Again the same condition is shown, the gradual development, the gradual putting on of those conditions made manifest in the spiritual, physical and material forces. Then, put on that which will give the greater forces. As is given, put on then the whole armor, having self-surrounded first with those conditions that give of the spiritual kingdom, for with this awakening, all physical, material, will be added unto you. TEXT OF READING 136-6

For indeed, as we awaken by going to the universal consciousness we can connect to within, we need to remember; “thoughts are deeds and may become miracles or crimes…”  , so do we sink into the zombie archetype or raise ourselves in awakening our higher consciousness?  As in other readings Cayce warned us;

Those who approach with the thoughts or with ANY phases of man's experience that cause distrust, envy, malice or the like, will shut and are shutting themselves, turning their faces away from a manifestation that would awaken that consciousness within their own hearts and souls that God, through His promise, is mindful of man. TEXT OF READING 2156-1

AWAKEN the spiritual WITHIN the body, not only by precept but ensample! Do not pray like angels and live like devils! for these are an abomination to those seeking to know HIS face!  TEXT OF READING 5562-7

The Cayce readings did not use an archetype such as today’s popular zombie to caution us, but he did use a similar animated undead ‘monster” archetype very popular in his time to warn us; Frankenstein! Interestingly these readings do use the terms often associated with zombies such as “fed upon” and “would devour thee” in there warnings.

we will find one fed upon spiritual things becomes a light that may shine from and in the darkest corner. One fed upon the purely material will become a Frankenstein that is without a concept of any influence other than material or mental. TEXT OF READING 262-20

It becomes, as has been indicated, an individual application; yet unless the spirit of same permeates throughout the whole, it becomes a Frankenstein - it becomes that which would devour thee. TEXT OF READING 877-22

4. In considering an idea and an ideal, IDEAS are worthy of man's consideration - but ideals are something MORE; they must be that as may be sought for, LIVED each day, each hour of each day, would they become not a Frankenstein to those that foster same; for the SPIRIT is willing in each, and there is that ability in each to carry forward much as is here set forth, but unless each has so consecrated their lives, their activities, their intents, their purposes TO the ideal, they will but destroy that which would make for a building of the purposes IN the lives of others.  TEXT OF READING 3976-7

Then there is the Cayce cure or inoculation for the zombie infection: Ideals, meditation, and service

13. (Q) [379]: What do I need most to further my development, also to know self better?

(A) As self will meditate upon that as has been given, then in seeking those answers to that as COMES to self, in the awareness of the various conditions physical, mental, spiritual, that are awakened through the study of that given, will there be seen, felt, known, understood, that that will AWAKEN self to a more close UNISON of purpose; for indecisions have often racked the MENTAL body of this entity, but with UNISON of the mental visions will there come more peace, more harmony, more unison of purpose.  TEXT OF READING 262-8

In such meditation, then - in such may the self awaken to that strength of purpose, that DETERMINATION to CARRY ON! Though the world forsake thee, if thy Lord is upon thy side, ye stand even as Eleazar before the hosts of the Lord. [Num. 3:32]  TEXT OF READING 165-26

Each soul-entity must depend upon the awakening from within more and more.  TEXT OF READING 531-5

 As we go into meditation with our highest spiritual ideal and awaken our higher selves, then apply it in the physical word, we can inoculate ourselves with, rather than anti-bodies, pro-spiritualized bodies and share the cure with others.  Perhaps the A.R.E will be a treatment and inoculation center for this zombie affliction. After all the “E” in A.R.E. is for enlightenment, which in the Buddhist traditions was the Western translation of the term; “to awaken”.  Zombies everywhere, the doors are open, a treatment awaits! 

If you would like to help with the “cure” and support the efforts of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in the awakening of ourselves to our higher consciousness, please go to the website or donate through the link below.  The “light” you save may be your own.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bringing Heaven and Earth Together In Ourselves:

The Edgar Cayce Readings

 And the Journey of Humanity

(A spiritual journey for everyone)

A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch

The phrase; “bringing Heaven and Earth together” and its concept appear to be as ancient as humanity itself.  An intuition seemingly ingrained in our DNA that our being, our consciousness, our I Am(ness) is more than our physicality by itself.  This is a phrase that lets us know we do not have to wait until the “hereafter”, our passing on, to experience our greater consciousness, our true eternal and immortal selves.  This is a phrase that lets us know that we have the ability to experience our higher consciousness, our oneness and unity with the universe while we are still in physicality.  To come to the understanding that we are not physical beings having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings having a physical experience and can be in contact with the Divine while on Earth.

"Hands of God and Adam" by Michelangelo - Web Gallery of Art[1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

This concept is a theme that runs throughout the Edgar Cayce readings and is the purpose why our consciousnesses are having this physical experience. Our experience in physicality is to grow, to learn and to evolve into our higher, divine selves and in so doing becoming co-creators, peers, friends of God, the universal consciousness. Time and time again this concept is stated in the Cayce readings:

9. Hence the purposes that it, the entity, the spirit body, may make manifest in materiality or in physical consciousness the more and more awareness of the relationships of the mental body, the physical body to eternity, infinity, or the God-Consciousness.
 12. What then is the purpose of the entity's activity in the consciousness of mind, matter, spirit in the present?
13. That it, the entity, may KNOW itself to BE itself and part of the Whole; not the Whole but one WITH the whole; and thus retaining its individuality, knowing itself to be itself yet one with the purposes of the First Cause that called it, the entity, into BEING, into the awareness, into the consciousness of itself.
14. That is the purpose, that is the cause of BEING.  TEXT OF READING 826-11

10. Then its purpose is that such an entity, as this - [1861], may make manifest the spiritual influence in a material world  TEXT OF READING 1861-4 M 33

3. For the whole of the experience of an individual entity in a material plane is the coordinating and cooperation of Creative Forces from without to the divine within, as to keeping an activity that may bring into manifestations health and happiness.  TEXT OF READING 1158-8 F 47

4. In man's advent into a material world is an opportunity for the material manifestation of that which is builded by the individual soul through its activity in the various spheres of consciousness, and in the material becomes the opportunity of paralleling, correlating, cooperating, making for that which brings into existence the effects of using that which is presented in opportunity for the developing of the soul.
5. Hence opportunity, primarily, is a material manifestation of spiritual actions in conscious forces of the material plane.  TEXT OF READING 262-50

You could think of this growth and evolving of becoming a co-creator, companion, a friend of God in an analogy of a parent with their children.  Myself as an example, I love my children, always have.  When they were four and five years old I loved them dearly, but they couldn’t truly be my friends.  Now as they have grown to adulthood I love them just as dearly and now they are also friends, companions.  In this way God as a parent is waiting for his seven billion children to grow up so we can continue to be loved and also be friends, co-creators.  The purpose of our experience on Earth is to grow to that state; to spiritualize ourselves in physicality and remember our birthright.
It is a mutual participation; as we are reached out for, so we need to reach out.  This is our ultimate purpose here and now, as individuals, and as humanity as a whole.

Author ;William Blake (1757–1827) Description  Europe a Prophecy. Public domain,_copy_D,_object_1_(Bentley_1,_Erdman_i,_Keynes_i)_British_Museum.jpg

This is a journey of bringing Heaven and Earth together within ourselves while we are here in the present. The beauty of the Cayce materials is not only the theme but their offering of guidance and suggestions for daily application to achieve our true purpose while we are here.
The quotes from the Cayce readings just noted show in summary how this beautiful theme weaves itself throughout the warp and woof of the Cayce material.  An exemplary overview of these topics and guidance from the Cayce readings and an outline for the journey can be found in the book; Contemporary Cayce.
The spiritual nature of humankind is perhaps best summarized with the statement that we are not physical beings who happen to have a soul, but instead spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body.  The purpose behind this physical consciousness experience is ultimately to bring the divine to earth.  P6 Contemporary Cayce by Kevin Todeschi and Henry Reed
And again:
The Edgar Cayce readings present the unique premise that the principal purpose for life in the earth is to bring spirit in the third dimension.  Rather than escaping the earth, our job is to collectively bring divinity into the physical dimension. P43 Contemporary Cayce by Kevin Todeschi and Henry Reed
Clearly the Cayce readings have tapped into a global theme found throughout history, cultures, and spiritual philosophies, to the point of being seen as the archetypal journey of humanity.
Throughout cultures the evidence is found of the desire to connect ourselves to the Divine, to raise ourselves up through our higher consciousness through meditation, contemplative prayer and many other practices.  Even in numerous cultures creation of Axis Mundis sites, these places where it was felt Heaven and Earth came together and helped focus initiates towards the Oneness of universal consciousness.

Description English: PD - artwork. Illustration from Chinese book of alchemy and meditation scanned from reproduction in above work. Third stage of process (detail).Date 1930 Source "The Secret of the Golden Flower" Author Richard Wilhelm (trans)   public domain

In ancient Egypt you had the Great Pyramid, a “cosmic Engine”, called so by the main stream Egyptologists themselves.
“…the pyramid as a cosmic engine depended on the on the Egyptian concept of a person and the distinct phases of life and death called kheperu.  These ‘transformations’ continued when the ka, the ba and the body, which had become separated at death interacted in the final transformation – becoming an akh, a glorified being of light, effective in the afterlife.” 
The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner 2008 p.20

Great Pyramid, Egypt photo credit: Don Carroll

      “The Pyramid is a simulacrum of both the mound of primeval earth and the weightless rays of sunlight, a union of heaven and earth that glorifies and transforms the divine king and ensures the divine rule of the Egyptian household.   (The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner, p.35)
 Egyptologists themselves recognize the purpose of pyramids was to bring Heaven and Earth together.  They believe this was in death, while the Cayce readings, I, and many other researchers believe this focal function was for an initiation during life.

Subsequently, on the other side of the Atlantic the Mayans of Mesoamerica had their own representation for themselves of the connection of Heaven and Earth; the double serpent bar.

Copan, Honduras Photos credit: Don Carroll

…the Vision Serpent, which symbolized the path of communication between the two worlds,… ( A Forest of Kings by Linda Schele and David Freidel p.69)

“Its original function in the Late Preclassic period was to symbolize “sky” based on the homophony in Mayan languages between chan – “sky and chan- “snake”. Since it had originally marked the environment through which the gods move, it structural position in Maya symbolism overlaps partly with the Vision Serpent.  In its fully developed form, it signal both sky and the vision path, as well as the act of birthing the gods through the vision rite.  (p.415-416) A Forest of Kings by Linda Schele and David Freidel

Terence Greider was the first to propose that the ceremonial bar identified its holder as a personification of the “world tree” or the axis mundi thereby directly connecting the holder to cosmic deities and the celestial realm. 

The ceremonial bar was consistently associated with primordial energy, with shamanic performance and transformation, and with confliction. It represents an allegory about origin and initiation.
The Classic Maya Ceremonial Bar, ANALES DEL INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES ESTÉTICAS, NÚM. 65, 1994, FLORA S. CLANCY University of New Mexico

Meanwhile in the British Isles, evidence has been discovered that Stonehenge possibly used sound to raise one’s higher consciousness and connect to the Divine.

Stonehenge  photo credit: Don Carroll

These low frequencies are very similar to the brainwave frequencies of alpha and beta types of activity. It is possible that those around the edge of the stone circle would have chanted at the speed of the percussive sounds, or sung long notes with a vibrato wobbling at 5.2Hz, in time with the music, in order to entrain their brainwaves to the music, to make the dominant frequency of their brain activity slow to a theta pattern, typical of deep meditation, hypnosis or trance. This is a similar state to the hypnogogic or twilight state between waking and sleeping, and the eyes would be shut for this practice. In the centre a different frequency could have been produced by modal vibration and echoes, one of 10.4Hz, still associated with closed eyes and meditation, and to some with healing. 10.4Hz is associated with alpha wave brain activity, a more active state. It may be that at the centre, a leader was able to stay alert because of this alpha state, continuing to drive a rhythm along and communicate with those at the edge of the stone circle, as they gradually became lost in a deep reverie. The leader could also communicate with those outside the circle. Turow makes a convincing argument that this kind of auditory driving of the brain’s frequencies is possible, and provides evidence from many traditional religious practices.

Not only is there this evidence of Stonehenge being used to raise the consciousness of initiates to connect with a higher and universal consciousness, other evidence has shown that the site marked significant solar and lunar events, thus linking this terrestrial site with the celestial, further linking Heaven and Earth together there. This symbolic physical connecting of ancient sacred sites of initiation from the earth to the heavens is not uncommon.   One more example is atop the primary temple in Machu Picchu, it is called THE INTIHUATANA; literally translated to mean “the hitching post of the sun.”

Machu Picchu: The hitching post of the sun     photo credit: Don Carroll

These are just a few examples around the globe of cultures throughout humanity’s existence following this quest, this birthright that seems so rooted in the human psyche, the return to being directly connected, and one with God. As the Cayce readings phrased it: to know oneself to be oneself yet One with the whole. Simply look at the Old Testament or any of the world’s sacred writing.  Where would they go to find this connection?  They would go to the “high places”, such as mountains, Mount Sinai, Mount Horeb, Mount Fuji, Mount Meru, and Mount Shasta just to name a few. Further, archeologist believe the purpose of pyramids were to symbolically represent mountains, and such “high places.  These places are known as Axis Mundis; sites where Heaven and Earth come together. 
The purpose is for venturing inward.  We are not separated from the Divine, it is all One, we are all aspects of this whole, and it is within and also everything, waiting to be awakened, waiting to be remembered.  And in remembering, consciously, we spiritually evolve; maturing in order, to reclaim our eternal birthright of being co-creators with the universal consciousness.  This may seem like “heady” stuff, beyond our grasp, our awareness and our rights, but that is the illusion of separation.  It is not about being unworthy, it is about becoming ready.  We grow to Heaven rather than go to heaven and that journey begins here and now, if we so choose.

We are told this, some examples from the Bible;
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.  King James Bible Psalm 82
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
John 10-34 King James Bible 

Eastern traditions share this message.  In the Shinto spiritual tradition in their modern shrines the mirror that sits on the altar represents the spirit of the enshrined kami. (Creative Forces), awe is the feeling that this representation is intended to invoke.  In some shrines the mirror is fixed at such an angle that when worshippers pray, they find they are looking at their own reflection to remember and awaken the divine within yourself.

Attribution: Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons Shinto shrine

We see this idea of our ability being Divine even in Nation’s capital.

The Apotheosis of Washington depicts George Washington sitting amongst the heavens in an exalted manner, or in literal terms, ascending and becoming a God (apotheosis).  Public Domain, National Archives

This idea of apotheosis, deification, becoming a co-creator is not beyond our reach or only for some; this is the journey of humanity and every soul.  As many, besides the Cayce readings, have pointed this journey out to us.

…the Spirit calls us to transformation of our inmost being, and indeed of all our faculties, into the divine way of being and acting.  The Greek Fathers called this deification.   The Human Condition by Thomas Keating p22 Paulist Press NY, NY-Mahwah, NJ 1999

That it is possible for human beings to love, know and, from virtually, to become actually identical with the Divine Ground.  That to achieve this unitive knowledge of the God-head is the final end and purpose of human existence. P.15 The Divine Within by Aldous Huxley

The Cayce readings did a 23 reading analysis of the meaning and symbolism of the Bible; Revelation, and it was interpreted as a symbolic tract of spiritualizing the body, bringing Heaven and Earth together.

In the Christian tradition all this is along the lines of the path called “Glorification”.

Glorification involves first of all the believer's sanctification or moral …in which the believer will be made glorious, holy, and blameless …). The process of sanctification is at work in us now … but moves from one degree of glory to another until it reaches final glory.
Second, the body participates in glorification …which is the believer's deliverance and liberty …As a result, the glorified body is immortal …imperishable, powerful, and spiritual…Moreover, creation itself participates in this aspect of glorification …
In the third place, glorification brings participation in the kingdom of God …even to the point of our reigning with Christ …
Finally, glorification is in some sense a partaking of God's own glory …

As can be seen we are mutual participants in the process with spirit, mind and body, with the ability to do so here and now. It is a process of raising our higher consciousness in spirit, learning with our mind and applying in physicality.  Just as alluded to in the New Testament; 

14 For if I pray in a foreign language, my spirit prays but my mind is not productive.  15 What does this mean? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind. I will sing psalms with my spirit, but I will also sing psalms with my mind.  16 Otherwise, if you say a blessing with your spirit, how can an otherwise uneducated person[e] say “Amen” to your thanksgiving, since he does not know what you’re saying?  17 It’s good for you to give thanks, but it does not build up the other person.  1 Corinthians 14 International Standard Version

The Cistercian monk, Thomas Keating writes similarly of the process.
“But the spiritual journey is more than a psychological process. It is of course primarily a process of grace.  God also speaks to us in nature.  The more we know about nature, the more we know about the mind of God. Einstein believed that science was directed toward discovering God’s thoughts.  Quantum physics itself is a kind of spirituality insofar as it is always looking farther into the unknown to see what is beyond the known.”  P12 The Human Condition by Thomas Keating p22 Paulist Press NY, NY-Mahwah, NJ 1999

Knowing the mind of God, raising our consciousness to such a level while in earth, bring heaven and earth together in glorification and co-creation.  That is the journey of humanity and fulfillment of our quest.  This is the thread and guide throughout the Cayce readings.

7. Thus may the relationships of the entity and the universal consciousness, or God, become more and more a conscious reality. Not that it may be even describable in words. For, words are merely a means of communicating ideas to one individual from another, while universal consciousness with Creative Forces is rather the awareness that bespeaks of life itself. And life in every form is the manifestation of that force called God. TEXT OF READING 2246-1

to seek, to know, to experience its relationships to its Creator, its mate, its part of itself. For the Creative Forces are more even than companionship; for the heritage of each soul is to know itself to be itself yet one with that Creative Force. TEXT OF READING 1210-1

Edgar Cayce also knew and understood this in his waking state, as evidenced in his letters.

MY purpose, if I know it, is to discover those truths and to
find how or in what manner they may be given to seekers for
their own expression of that cosmic mind in materiality.
4/24/34Edgar Cayce’s letter: to #440

Not only did the Cayce readings of interpreting the Bible’s Revelation chapter view it as bringing the New Jerusalem of Heaven to earth within ourselves. Also the readings described Edgar Cayce in an early incarnation in ancient Egypt as named Ra Ta, a high priest that helped design the Great Pyramid as a site for initiates for a similar purpose.  Further, in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Ra transliterates as their sun god, representing the Heavens and Ta transliterates as earth or land.  He literally brought Heaven and Earth together in his name.

It is a journey of being conscious with the Empyrean Light that his readings have guided and continues to guide many., and in so doing we begin to realize we, ourselves are the ultimate Axis Mundis.

Color modifications of an 1867 Public Domain image by Gustave Doré, of Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari gazing into the Empyrean Light. Oneness with the Creative Forces. Description English: Color modifications of an 1867 Public Domain image by Gustave Doré, of Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari gazing into the Empyrean Light. Date 1867 Source