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Bringing Heaven and Earth Together; Ra Ta & the Great Pyramid

Bringing Heaven and Earth Together
Ra Ta & the Great Pyramid
By John Van Auken and Donald Carroll
According to the Edgar Cayce readings, Edgar Cayce himself had an incarnation in an ancient Egyptian Time period of approximately 10,500 BC.  At that time he was the high priest Ra Ta, who was instrumental in the lay out, design and purpose of the Great Pyramid. He also established the tenets for perfecting human spiritually and physically, to bring the God and the creative forces in union with our physical manifestation. The purpose was to complete that which was the intention from the beginning: to become one with the Creator.
            The Egyptian temples were built to assist in this endeavor and the Great Pyramid was constructed as the culmination of the initiates’ ultimate union the forces and sources of life.  The readings also state that the Great Pyramid is where Jesus and John the Baptist took their final initiations!
In This same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place.  (5748-5)
            Interestingly, a similar purpose for the pyramids, including the Great Pyramid, is put forth by Egyptologists.  Dr. Mark Lehner—who is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on Egyptian pyramids—calls them “Cosmic Engines”:
            “…the pyramid as a cosmic engine depended on the Egyptian concept of a person and the distinct phases of life and death called kheperu.  These ‘transformations’ continued when the ka, the ba and the body, which had become separated at death interacted in the final transformation—becoming an akh, a glorified being of light, effective in the Afterlife.”  (The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner 2008 p.20)
            “Joining the stars, the king becomes an akh.  Akh is often translated as ‘spirit’ or ‘spirit state’.  It derives from the term for ‘radiant light’. The reunion of the ba and ka is affected by the burial ritual, creating the final transformation of the deceased as an akh [being of light], as a member of the starry sky.” (ibid, p.24)
            For the Egyptians, the Ka represented the God life force of the soul and the Ba was the specific individual’s aspect of the soul. The difference here is that Egyptologists believe that this union of the Ka and the Ba occurred after death through the funerary process and the cosmic engine of a pyramid.   This was to become an akh (also spelled, akhu), a brilliant, radiant being of light to live for eternity in the Northern circumpolar stars.
            The Cayce readings and many others believe that this process did not require physical death.  Rather, it could occur in a living person completing the initiations. In essence its function was to bring Heaven and Earth together in oneself, essentially becoming an enlightened person, an avatar, or a Bodhisattva
            Among the astonishing features of the placement and construction of the Great Pyramid was its relationship to various stars.  When this is looked at during the Ra Ta time of construction, the connections to various stars, and the Egyptian spiritual philosophy, it correlates and confirms the purposed discussed here: to bring Heaven and Earth together.
            The 10,500 BC period was an incredibly unique period in the stellar sky.  There are an amazing amount of connections, but this article will focus on a few key ones.  At this ancient time, the constellation Orion, known as Osiris to the Egyptians was at its lowest point (meridian) in the Southern sky and the Constellation we know today as Hercules was a circumpolar (thus, never setting) constellation in the Northern sky.  Further, these two constellations were linked by the Milky Way. (See picture, blue lines indicate the Milky Way)
Egypt 10,500 BC  Cybersky5
            The constellation Orion/Osiris was set below the horizon, into the underworld and Osiris, as ruler of the underworld shepherded the soul on its path towards possibly becoming an akh.  Osiris was associated with the ba aspect of the soul. Osiris’s counterpart in the Northern sky we know today as Hercules.  Before it was known as Hercules it was known as “the kneeling one” and possibly the kneeling god by the Babylonians.  For the Egyptians this constellation would have been a fitting symbol for Horus.  Early on Horus was considered lord of the sky and his name comes from “the one on high”.  This would be appropriate for a North sky circumpolar constellation, though he did later become a solar deity. Horus, symbolically was associated with the ka.
            Of Further note is the Egyptian hieroglyph, henu.  This hieroglyph is generally depicted as a person kneeling with one hand on his heart and one armed raised. It is commonly translated as praise or rejoicing.  It was used as part of a ritual and represents the culmination of a series of movements and gestures in a ceremony called "The Recitation of Glorification. (
Henu (Personal photo from MMNY Egypt collection)  
Text Box: Johannes Hevelius drew the constellation in Uranographia, his celestial catalogue in 1690
  This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
            The Milky Way is the culminating piece that unites these constellations, and thus their ka and the ba.
In many cultures the Milky Way is seen as a serpent of light or river of light.  This fits in quite well with a very early, pre-dynastic, deity of the Egyptians named Nehebukau.  He was a serpent deity whose name translates as “he who unites the ka’s”.  He united the Ka (life force) and the Ba (individual soul) in this reunion they become the Akh (radiant light) becoming a celestial immortal being.
            In conclusion it can be seen how the information from the Egyptologists and that in the night sky all unite, validating the readings’ date and purpose of the Great Pyramid: to bring Heaven and Earth together in ourselves, to become co-creators.  Even Cayce’s name as the high priest, Ra Ta, lets us know.  In Egyptian hieroglyphs Ra means “god, sun, the heavens” and Ta means, “land and Earth”, uniting them in his name—for he was a representative of reaching that higher state in life, bringing heaven and earth together.
            Our present life purpose continues this ancient purpose: to bring Heaven and Earth together. We may think of it today as balancing the divine and human elements of our being in a cooperative, harmonious expression of love and light—both within us and with those around us.

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