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The “zombie apocalypse” and the Cayce cure

The “zombie apocalypse” and the Cayce cure

Perhaps most have notice over the past 10 years a soaring popularity in all things zombie.  A search on the internet shows that there have been over forty movies made involving zombie types; World War Z, Dawn of the dead, Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse, Abraham Lincoln vs zombies, Shaun of the dead, Zombieland, and lest us not forget; Pride, Prejudice and zombies, just to mention a few. In video games there have been made over sixty games involving battling zombies.  Then we can find on television; the walking dead, Fear the walking dead, Z-Nation and IZombie. I’ll finish this list with the popular sporting events around the nation of “zombie runs”.

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There have been many widespread fads through the years, but the fascination with zombies, dare I say, doesn’t seem to be dying.  I began to ponder why this is and feel there may be an answer.  Zombies seem to be manifesting as a subconscious or unconscious archetype of our times.  In general zombies are seen as the “undead”, animated in the world but not truly alive, not conscious or truly awake.  They survive by eating the brains (minds) of the humans that are alive/awake and conscious or infecting them to become zombies themselves. 

Are these thoughts and concerns or warnings that are coming from our higher selves about the time we live in?  Are we at some level feeling that we are not quite alive or truly awake?  As we live our lives in on earth, physical in a material environment we can forget about our true selves, spiritual consciousness that exists beyond materiality, that our bodies are only temporary vehicles for and enduring consciousness.  We can feel bombarded by physical need and desires.  We can be overwhelmed by all the physical external sensory assaults of media and others that numb or deaden our true selves, our true consciousness, being put in a coma-like state. The archetype of zombies; undead, animated but not alive, unaware, eating our own minds or those of others, shuffling along with no true purpose fit much of what we are facing today as we endeavor in raising our higher consciousness.  Is our higher consciousness trying to caution us?

Perhaps, on the bright side, this zombie archetype in so prevalent in today’s society because more and more people are awakening, we may feel like we are dying but are becoming truly alive and as they do so they see the un-awakened, the animated undead around them.  That this a time of greater spiritual awakening and resurrection for humankind. That as the awakening/enlightening continues others can be awakened. We also need to remember to stay in this higher consciousness not to be infected by external sensory assaults and revert back to our somnambulistic state.  

One could wonder why some would even have to cope with such a terrible and frightening archetype.  The Cayce readings suggest that for some it is needed to experience it to awaken. 

19. (Q) In 1926, May 8th, I met a terrible tragedy. I've been unable to understand why I met that experience. [See 827-1, Par. B2, 5/8/26 letter.]

(A) That there might be the regeneration of thy body to the glory of that illumination necessary for the full awakening within.  TEXT OF READING 827-1

In another reading for an individual wanting to understand why he dreamt he died. Remember he only dreamed he died.

(A) This is the manifestation of the birth of thought and mental development awakening in the individual, as mental forces and physical forces develop. This, then, is the awakening of the subconscious, as is manifested in death in physical forces, being the birth in the mental.

Then gain this, that the individual must awaken: "Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you." For thoughts are deeds and may become miracles or crimes, as the will of the individual finds physical manifestation of same in the material world, for to many minds, those conditions that in one is sin, in another is a glorification of the gifts as are manifest 

Again the same condition is shown, the gradual development, the gradual putting on of those conditions made manifest in the spiritual, physical and material forces. Then, put on that which will give the greater forces. As is given, put on then the whole armor, having self-surrounded first with those conditions that give of the spiritual kingdom, for with this awakening, all physical, material, will be added unto you. TEXT OF READING 136-6

For indeed, as we awaken by going to the universal consciousness we can connect to within, we need to remember; “thoughts are deeds and may become miracles or crimes…”  , so do we sink into the zombie archetype or raise ourselves in awakening our higher consciousness?  As in other readings Cayce warned us;

Those who approach with the thoughts or with ANY phases of man's experience that cause distrust, envy, malice or the like, will shut and are shutting themselves, turning their faces away from a manifestation that would awaken that consciousness within their own hearts and souls that God, through His promise, is mindful of man. TEXT OF READING 2156-1

AWAKEN the spiritual WITHIN the body, not only by precept but ensample! Do not pray like angels and live like devils! for these are an abomination to those seeking to know HIS face!  TEXT OF READING 5562-7

The Cayce readings did not use an archetype such as today’s popular zombie to caution us, but he did use a similar animated undead ‘monster” archetype very popular in his time to warn us; Frankenstein! Interestingly these readings do use the terms often associated with zombies such as “fed upon” and “would devour thee” in there warnings.

we will find one fed upon spiritual things becomes a light that may shine from and in the darkest corner. One fed upon the purely material will become a Frankenstein that is without a concept of any influence other than material or mental. TEXT OF READING 262-20

It becomes, as has been indicated, an individual application; yet unless the spirit of same permeates throughout the whole, it becomes a Frankenstein - it becomes that which would devour thee. TEXT OF READING 877-22

4. In considering an idea and an ideal, IDEAS are worthy of man's consideration - but ideals are something MORE; they must be that as may be sought for, LIVED each day, each hour of each day, would they become not a Frankenstein to those that foster same; for the SPIRIT is willing in each, and there is that ability in each to carry forward much as is here set forth, but unless each has so consecrated their lives, their activities, their intents, their purposes TO the ideal, they will but destroy that which would make for a building of the purposes IN the lives of others.  TEXT OF READING 3976-7

Then there is the Cayce cure or inoculation for the zombie infection: Ideals, meditation, and service

13. (Q) [379]: What do I need most to further my development, also to know self better?

(A) As self will meditate upon that as has been given, then in seeking those answers to that as COMES to self, in the awareness of the various conditions physical, mental, spiritual, that are awakened through the study of that given, will there be seen, felt, known, understood, that that will AWAKEN self to a more close UNISON of purpose; for indecisions have often racked the MENTAL body of this entity, but with UNISON of the mental visions will there come more peace, more harmony, more unison of purpose.  TEXT OF READING 262-8

In such meditation, then - in such may the self awaken to that strength of purpose, that DETERMINATION to CARRY ON! Though the world forsake thee, if thy Lord is upon thy side, ye stand even as Eleazar before the hosts of the Lord. [Num. 3:32]  TEXT OF READING 165-26

Each soul-entity must depend upon the awakening from within more and more.  TEXT OF READING 531-5

 As we go into meditation with our highest spiritual ideal and awaken our higher selves, then apply it in the physical word, we can inoculate ourselves with, rather than anti-bodies, pro-spiritualized bodies and share the cure with others.  Perhaps the A.R.E will be a treatment and inoculation center for this zombie affliction. After all the “E” in A.R.E. is for enlightenment, which in the Buddhist traditions was the Western translation of the term; “to awaken”.  Zombies everywhere, the doors are open, a treatment awaits! 

If you would like to help with the “cure” and support the efforts of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in the awakening of ourselves to our higher consciousness, please go to the website www.edgarcayce.org or donate through the link below.  The “light” you save may be your own.

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