Monday, September 30, 2019

All Matter/materiality originates from vibrations

The Cayce readings “predictions” are correct, Again.

All Matter/materiality originates from vibrations

The readings continue with their remarkable explanations as to how such things as the universe and matter were created.  At the time of these readings Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics was in its infancy and in the midst of a scientific debate and struggle with Newtonian physics on the makeup of the universe.  In the 1920’s it was just beginning to study and theorize about sub atomic wave functions. Yet the Cayce readings in 1929 had already put forth an answer.

 “(Q) [Is this statement correct?]… everything is vibratory …–

“(A) Absolutely correct! “(Reading 195-54) 

“For, as has been in the experience, and as is partially understood by the entity, everything in motion, everything that has taken on materiality as to become expressive in any kingdom in the material world, is BY the VIBRATIONS that are the motions - or those positive and negative influences that make for that differentiation that man has called matter in its various stages of evolution into material things. For it enters and it passes through. For - as is the better understood, and as will be proclaimed (and the entity may be able to aid in same) - all vibration must eventually, as it materializes into matter, pass through a stage of evolution and out.” (699-1) (1934)

While true all force in nature, all matter, is a form of vibration - and the vibratory force determines as to what its nature IS - that given by the cell itself, from which it produced - as is seen in all matter in the earth's plane. (900-448) (1929)

It is only recently that scientists have come to the same conclusion on how the universe came into being.

“The cosmic microwave background is remarkably uniform over the entire sky, but tiny variations reveal the imprints of sound waves triggered by quantum fluctuations in the universe just moments after it was born. These imprints, appearing as splotches in the Planck map, are the seeds from which matter grew, forming stars and galaxies.  Production editor: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA

Another article from the scientific community also confirms, albeit more poetically written:

“The early universe rang with the sound of countless cosmic bells, which filled the primordial darkness with ripples like the surface of a pond pounded by stones. The wave fronts later served as spawning grounds for galaxies, astronomers announced Tuesday.”

To be clear about Cayce’s amazing prediction the definition of sound is vibration.

The definition of sound: Noun; Vibrations that travel through the air or another medium…Sound produced by continuous and regular vibrations…

Now, 85 years after the Cayce reading explained where the matter of the universe came from, science confirms the Cayce readings. Vibrations--sound--is how matter in our universe originated.  An interesting post script, the Cayce readings state some of the information came from the "Akashic Record"; this is based of the Eastern concept of the "Akasha" which , at its foundations, is sound.

Donald B. Carroll

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