Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Spirit of Light Cubit takes us on a journey that reunifies Science and Spirit in humanity’s search for purpose and our ultimate destination in life and the Cosmos. Included in this eloquent yet concise guide is ample evidence that ancient cultures communicated this unifying message across at least three continents thousands of years before it has been considered possible from a “lost civilization.”

The indication for this shared ancient message is found in a unit of measurement demonstrated to be used in the construction of ancient cultures’ sacred sites. It is also shown to function as a well-designed measure of time in its role for a pendulum. The importance of a shared measurement is well stated by the Father of Modern Egyptology, Sir Flinders Petrie: “…Thus the possession of the same unit of measurement by different people implies either that it belonged to their common ancestors or else that a very powerful commercial intercourse has existed between them.”

As ancient measurements were derived from human body proportions, evidence points to this unit of length being based on the human spine—a measurement that, like the purpose of these sacred sites, represented the journey toward higher consciousness and a unified Heaven and Earth, time and space. It’s a message of purpose and meaning that is as important today as it was then. This measure is identified in ancient Egyptian texts as the “Aakhu Meh,” the spirit of light cubit, and was communicated to multiple cultures from an ancient lost civilization.

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